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Over 15 destinations to choose from within 1.5hrs from Osaka, 15 more within 3hrs. If you have more time, another 10 destinations are possible up to 4.5hrs away. Then there’re 10 or more other side excursions that are available, depending on the destination(s) you choose & the season that you’re visiting.
You’ll wish you had more time to spend with us on tours of the surrounding nature, countryside & coasts!

Hey! Tattoos are absolutely OK for every place that we take you. You may even see some Japanese ones that’ll outdo yours!

Driving times shown are from downtown Osaka. When departing from Kyoto it could be longer or shorter depending on the destination.

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(1.5hr drive) Hike & Swim Deep in the Mountains of South Nara

An amazing ravine with beautiful rocks, falls & swimming holes. It's a popular destination but we know exactly where & when to go for the best experience.
south nara falls hiking

(1.5hr drive) Waterfall Swimming in Nara

Only a 1hr drive from downtown Osaka, perfect for a day trip or even just a half day trip to cool off with a quick dip. During high summer — Jul, Aug, Sep — we recommend spending at least 1 night so that you can experience the Milky Way and a quick night swim under the waterfall.
south nara park2.jpg

(2.0hr drive) Seaside, Beach & Hotspring in Wakayama

A popular summer time destination — one of the most famous beaches in Japan. Crowded on the weekends & somewhat so during the weekdays as well in July & August (but that, too, is part of the experience). The season is long on this beach, from the beginning of May to the end of October. Can be conveniently combined with swimming in the mountains of Wakayama as well as the waterfall hike…
wakayama seaside7.jpg

(2.5hr drive) Hot Spring Deep in the Mountains of Okayama

Our favorite 24hr coed outdoor natural hot spring destination and tattoos are absolutely not a problem. This hot spring & the town are very traditional — little has changed since its foundation. Can be combined with the sand dune of Tottori…
okayama hotspring view.jpg

(2.5hr drive) Seaside, Beach & Hot Spring in North Kyoto

The top of Kyoto pref. borders the Japan Sea — an excellent destination for swimming & relaxing because… this beach features a free outdoor coed hot spring right on the beach! Under a pine forest! Swimsuits required, so it's a great opportunity for anyone who is bashful to enjoy mixed bathing.
kyoto beach4.jpg

(2.5hr drive) Seaside, Beach & Sand Dune of Tottori

The entire north coast of Tottori pref. borders the Japan Sea. Too many destinations to count, but the best is definitely the world class Sand Dune. Winter is great, too, especially for seafood lovers — crab season! Can be conveniently combined with the hot spring in Okayama…
tottori dune1.jpg

(2.5hr drive) Swimming Deep in the Mountains of South Wakayama

The water flows so calmly in this deep cobalt blue river that you could easily mistake if for a swimming pool. So clear that even at 4 meters deep & you can still see every stone on the bottom. A superb destination during the high heat & humidity of the summer months. Can easily be combined with waterfall hiking in the box below as well as the Wakayama seaside, beach & hot spring…
wakayama mountains calm2.jpg

(2.5hr drive) Waterfall Hike & Swim Deep in the Mountains of South Wakayama

Hike along an amazingly crystal clear mountain stream bordered by layers of moss covered rocks & jungle trees growing rooted into boulders. Final stop is a paradisiacal emerald green waterfall where we swim! Can easily be combined with swimming in the box above as well as the Wakayama seaside, beach & hot spring…
wakayama mountains hiking2.jpg

(3.0hr drive) Hike & Swim a Ravine Deep in the Mountains of Mie

A ravine that is really hard to believe. The only access is to hike in, and hike out. Absolutely no roads. Pristine nature. The water is amazing! Recommended to stay in the mountain lodge overnight for a real deep mountain experience — 4hrs in to the lodge and 4hrs back the next day.
mie water e1557058843198.jpg

(3.0hr drive) Hot Spring River Deep in the Mountains of Wakayama

Great destination all year round, but recommended during warmer months so that you have the opportunity to enjoy swimming in this amazing river. A secluded one lane town with only Japanese inns & a campground. Optionally hike deep in the mountains to an isolated waterfall as well visit one of the major shrines in Japan very nearby.
wakayama hot river falls.jpg

(3.5hr drive) Waterfall Swimming Deep in the Mountains of Shikoku

A superb destination with so much to do — at least 2 nites is necessary, 3 nites is best. High summer — Jul, Aug, Sep — are the months that are hot enough to take advantage of all that the trip has to offer, so it's a rare trip. This is the destination that has made Unbeaten Japan famous for what we do.
shikoku falls front.jpg

(4hr drive) Seaside, Beach, Swim & Hike in South Shikoku

The beach season is longest down in the south of Shikoku island — we usually visit this destination in the middle of October and the weather is perfect for it! Optionally drop by a nearby surfing beach for an afternoon, and hike around the lava island that forms a double beach with the mainland.
shikoku beach.png

(5hr drive) Hot Springs in the Japan Alps

Visit the amazing Japan Alps anytime between July & October to take advantage of swimming & hot springs in a destination that is so remote there isn't even a proper town. Optionally stroll through the pristine nature of a national park at the top of the Alps where outside vehicles are not permitted to enter. Or visit 2 or 3 waterfalls (and get wet!), but mostly, lounge around in riverside outdoor natural hot springs.
japan alps5.jpg