Activities & Destinations


  • Waterfalls
  • Rivers / Streams
  • Beaches / Coasts
  • Hot Springs


  • Hiking
  • Strolling
  • Swimming
  • Culture / History

Hiking & strolling…

The Kansai area is excellent for hiking. It’s possible to choose the duration — 30min to 1hr, or longer. Even in remote areas paths are well-worn & safe, but the terrain is extremely mountainous — there are often lots of inclines & declines, stone steps, wooden steps & natural trails.
If strolling is more your preference, that’s an option — even at some of the highest elevations, the terrain can be quite flat & easy to navigate. Of course strolls through countryside towns & lanes are an option, too, as well as along the coasts & beaches. So the destinations are sometimes quite different, but there is always the possibility of doing both in a single trip.

Swimming swimming…

There are three choices for swimming: mountain streams, waterfall pools & the sea [we prefer water that is constantly flowing & refreshed so we do not visit lakes & ponds].
Swimming is excellent in Japan if not simply for the crystal clarity of the water practically everywhere. Cobalt blue, emerald green, or so completely transparent that you can’t even tell there is water there! Bioluminescence in both oceans as well — night swimming is a must!