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Timely Calendar


Viewing the Tour Calendar

The calendar has 2 views,  Agenda Month.
Agenda view is easier for a small screen, like a phone. You can see quickly each date & which trip is possible. 
Search for trips based on the duration using Categories and also according to the aspects of each kind of trip using Tags (ex. swimming, hiking, hotspring, beach, mountains, etc. ). Choose as many as necessary to narrow your search.
Use the + sign on each entry or the + Expand All menu to see photos & details of each trip.
Click the Read more → button to see the destination & price.

  In the Month view, please notice the calendar starts on Monday and the trips are color-coded according to the duration.

  • Half Day
  • Daytrip
  • Overnite
  • 2 nites possible
  • Trips with decided itineraries

It’s possible to click on each entry for more details. Then to go back to the schedule of tours, click the Calendar button .



How to read the Tour Calender

The calendar shows sample tours, the dates & times that departure is possible, and the duration that is possible.  

The rates are flexible and depend on 1) the actual number of participants, 2) whether you want a private tour or not, and 3) the type of accommodation that you prefer, with camping in tents (provided by us) the lowest, and sleeping at Japanese inns higher. 


Tattoos are OK!

All of our tours are to places in nature & to the countryside where tattoos are not a problem. In fact, at some of the destinations you may see some real Japanese style tattoos!


Options are shown for each tour and they depend on the actual departure & return times, and the pace that you are willing to go.



Summer swimming season is here now!

The heat is on! Time to escape the heat & humidity of downtown Osaka & Kyoto cities. Join us for nature tours to the coolness of the mountain streams & coastal seas. Below are 2 schedules for Unbeaten Japan camp excursions. Weekend Schedule On the weekends, because most people living in Japan work weekdays, of course. As such, the camps are 1 nite + 1 day, or 2 nites + 2 days during a national holiday weekend. These camps are intended for everyone, whether residing in Japan or visiting from abroad. Of course we welcome and encourage international visitors to join a weekend tour because it’s a great way to …


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