How to Use the Tour Calendar

Viewing the Tour Calendar

There are 3 views for the calendar.

  Month shows at a glance all trips that are possible (the week starts on Monday).
shows large previews.
  Stream is the easiest to view, especially on a small screen.

Trip Duration

Use  to search for trips based on the specific duration (you can choose more than one).
All trip titles are color-coded according to the duration.

  • Half Day a.m. / Half Day p.m.
  • Daytrip
  • 1 night
  • 2 night
  • Package — trips with decided itineraries
  • Seasons & Holidays

Trip Activities

Use  to search for trips according to the activity, like swimming, hiking, hot spring, beach, etc. (you can choose more than one).

  and   can be combined, for example, to search for Day Trips that feature Hiking. 

How to read the Tour Calender

The calendar is easy to use: just choose your dates to show the dates & times that departure is possible, and the duration that is possible.

Important: Destination choices & activity options vary depending on the season, the local weather, and also the actual amount of time you have for the tour, the pace that you are willing to go, etc.
We always let you know what we recommend & whether or not an alteration is necessary. 

Searching for Trips

  1. Choose one of the 3 views

  2. Choose your dates

  3. Use  to search for trips based on the duration.
    (more than one is ok)

  4. Use  to search for trips according to the activity.
    (more than one is ok)

  5. Click on the title of a tour to open a page with more info, photos, rates.

  6. Use  to go back to the calendar view.

OK, next!
Go to the Tour Calendar to search for various trips available during the dates that you will be in the Osaka & Kyoto area.
(The calendar is updated frequently, so check back often for the most accurate info)

Also be sure to check the Destination Galleries to view photos & find info about your favorite destinations!