Summer swimming season is here now!

The heat is on!
Time to escape the heat & humidity of downtown Osaka & Kyoto cities.
Join us for nature tours to the coolness of the mountain streams & coastal seas.

Below are 2 schedules for Unbeaten Japan camp excursions.

Weekend Schedule
On the weekends, because most people living in Japan work weekdays, of course.
As such, the camps are 1 nite + 1 day, or 2 nites + 2 days during a national holiday weekend.
These camps are intended for everyone, whether residing in Japan or visiting from abroad.
Of course we welcome and encourage international visitors to join a weekend tour because it’s a great way to mix & mingle with local Japanese & non-Japanese who might participate.
However, we realize that often visitors from abroad have their own schedule and may not necessarily be available only on weekends, therefore we also supply the…

Weekday Schedule
For visitors from outside Japan or people who can travel any day of the week.
Not only is more than just 1 or 2 nites possible, but recommended. Yeah!
Take your time & enjoy the surrounding nature.
Keep in mind that while we host camps during the hotter season, accommodation at a local inn is always possible as well, for those who prefer 4 walls around them & a roof overhead!
Of course accommodation at inns is possible throughout the year, 365 days.
So during the colder season, we always stay at a minshuku or ryokan, and we can visit many of the same places as we do in summer, because there’re hot springs everywhere. Yeah!

2018 summer camp schedule

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Fireworks Events
Great way to experience a local event. Many native Japanese young people attend wearing summer kimono (yukata).
25th Jul Wed — Tenjin Matsuri fireworks & festival (midtown Osaka city)
1st Aug Wed — PL hanabi fireworks display, Tondabayashi station (south of the Tennoji area)
4th Aug Sat — Yodogawa hanabi fireworks display, Nishinakajima-Minamigata station (uptown Osaka city)

It’s fun to experience on your own, however, inquire regarding a guide or just someone to accompany you, if you so desire.