Nature Tours

The Nature of Unbeaten Japan

We procure unforgettable memories for you! 
Nature is our true and very unique forte.
There is no other travel company like Unbeaten Japan. Our destinations are completely unique, and self-discovered. Or, if they are familiar or popular, we know the best time to go — avoiding the crowds of tourists, both foreign & domestic.
Just a 40min or 1hr drive outside of Kyoto or Osaka and you’ll find there is another Japan waiting for you. Let us drive you 2hrs or 3hrs deeper into the countryside and it keeps getting better and better.

Day trip vs. 1 night or 2 nights

Many Unbeaten Japan destinations can be done as a day trip, but we highly recommend at least 1 night in order to truly relax & enjoy the destination. Two nights will allow you to have an experience you will not soon forget!

Water Water

Most Unbeaten Japan tours involve water. Japan is an island country and Osaka & Kyoto are situated at the narrow stretch of the main island between two oceans. The Pacific lies to the south just 2.5hrs by car, between Wakayama prefecture & Shikoku island. The Japan Sea lies to the north, also just 2.5hrs by car, stretching across the top of Kyoto prefecture, Hyogo & Tottori.
The country is blessed with an abundance of fresh water as well, in all its forms — lakes, ponds, waterfalls, rivers, streams, world famous top grade snow and of course, hot springs hot springs hot springs!

Beach Season

Beach season is quite long for us in the Osaka & Kyoto area, especially down south — from the beginning of May until the end of October when we host our final beach camp. That is a full half year that is available for you to explore the coasts in a comfort climate. In the case of rainy or cool weather, no problem — often there are hot springs to be found nearby!

Mountain Swimming

Swimming in streams & under waterfalls in the mountains is most comfortable during the heat & humidity of high summer — July, August & September. The air in the cities — particularly Kyoto ! — is super uncomfortable and all you can think about is heading for the countryside and the fresh coolness of the mountain streams & waterfalls.

Culture History Tradition

Our focus is on Nature — and we feel that at least a day or two of your time here in our area should be as well.
But we are a travel company nonetheless. With 30 years experience in Kansai & western Japan. We can do what ‘normal’ guides do as well.
Visits to temples & shrines to feel the culture, history & tradition of Japan are possible. Hikes at higher dryer elevations are exhilarating & serene even though they are far from the valleys where the rivers lay.
If you have enough time in your schedule it is always possible (and recommended) to combine different types of destinations in a single trip.